Pikashow APK download, The Best Entertainment, And Free Streaming App

Have you ever wondered about an app to watch TV and movies on your mobile devices for free? Then Pikashow APK download is a perfect app for your mobile. Because of their portability and everyday use, mobile devices are commonly used for watching and streaming movies, TV shows, Sports, and others.

Pikashow is the best free app that provides the solution for getting new movies and series from different OTT platforms without paying any fee. Pikashow is available for every Android device without any subscription fees. You can also watch live cricket matches on this app.

 You can now stream every TV channel in India without any buffering. When we tested this app, we found out that this app is perfectly designed to fulfill the needs of every movie, cricket, TV show, and anime lover. This app allows you to download your favorite movies, any TV show, and video from different platforms.

In order to download any video from Pikashow, you need to install a 1DM downloader which you can easily find from the Play Store. We find out that this app is perfectly optimized for every device. It can run without any connectivity issues with the server. You can enjoy your stream without any lag.

 This app continuously updates content at a swift pace. When there is an episode uploaded on the popular OTT platform in a few minutes, you can get that episode on this app. We were amazed by the performance of the Pikashow team at Pikashow. How well do they maintain this app?

Download Pikashow APK

Pikashow APK Feature image with logo.
APP TitlePikashow APK
MOD FeaturesFree content without any subscription fees.
Free live stream of cricket matches
Free stream of different TV channels
Download your favorite content.
The highest quality content is available.
VersionV 84
Size17 MB

Features of Pikashow APK

Enjoy Live Cricket Streaming

Cricket is not just a game; it’s a passion for billions of people. Whenever any cricket game is live, people stick with the Screen and don’t want to miss any moment. Pikashow adds a live streaming platform on their app to ensure you will not miss any cricket match.

 You can now watch every Cricket League and international match live on your mobile Screen. You can get the free live cricket stream without any streaming issues. The server can easily handle multiple visitors on their app.

Pikashow Also provided a different link for the exact cricket match to get the best cricket experience without any problem. When we tested this app on multiple live cricket events with millions of people watching through the app, we did not find any buffering or lag issues during the match.

 For watching the live cricket stream we highly recommend you give a shot to Pikashow A
PK. It will not disappoint you during the live match, and you will get the best experience for absolutely paying nothing for the app.

Watch the Latest Movies And Shows

Pikashow Is packed with your latest movies and TV shows around the globe. Every popular OTT platform, film, and show is available to watch. Whenever the show’s creator releases the newest episode of any show, you will get that episode on Pikashow within just a few minutes.

The update on the Pikashow app is so Rapid that you will find every single update of every show and movie without delay. You will also get popular TV shows from other countries under the TV shows tab. A massive library of Anime movies, TV shows, and live sports events exists.

 HD Quality Content Is Available

The highest quality you will get from Pikashow APK is 4k. All the high-quality content Is available in HDR format as well. HD content will not show any sign of lag or buffering.

 If your internet connection is high speed with better connectivity, you will quickly consume the content from the Pikashow app. Every stream and show Run Like butter. You can also adjust the playback quality to as low as 240p. The play pack speed only depends on the internet connectivity and speed of your connection.

 Support Casting

 It allows you to consume the content on a mobile screen, use the built-in casting option of your app, and connect your devices with different Android devices. You can pair your mobile phone with your TV and watch your content on a bigger screen.

We find out that the Chromecast works smoothly. It will connect with any Android device instantly. There is no connectivity or pairing issue related to this app. this will enhance the median consumption experience for the user. 

Huge Library of Subtitles

Not only does it have a vast watch library of every show, movie, and anime, but you can also find that every show has its Subtitle library. You can also add your subtitle to the app by clicking the add subtitle option from the player.

 Subtitles that have been added other than the library need to be downloaded from different websites, and then you open that subtitle, and it will display your favorite content. This feature allows this app to be used, and it enjoys shows from different languages and countries. It will be helpful when you watch anime.

Pikashow APK Pikashow APK Features Download everything, lastest movies multilingual dub and offlind mode.
Pikashow APK Features

 Multilingual Dub Content Is Available.

Multiple language dub shows, movies, and anime are available. You can toggle that language by clicking the language selection option on the video player. I watch the same movie in English and Hindi, and it will give me the best audio experience for the same film.

 You can use this feature if you prefer to avoid reading the subtitles of the latest shows. You can use this feature to improve your experience. The only limitation of this function is that You can get only selective language in which the original shows are released.

 Download Content In Offline Mode

You can use PikaShow offline by downloading your favorite content on your mobile devices. To download any content, you need to click the download icon on the video player, and within a few seconds, you will get Your favorite show on your mobile device.

 Before downloading, it will ask you about the quality of the video. You can easily download the 4K videos but remember, higher quality means a bigger file size. To download high-quality videos, you must ensure you have enough space on your mobile devices before clicking the download. All the download links or resumable from this app. you can only watch the downloaded show from the app.

Great UI For video apps.

The User experience is excellent. Every option category and tab is mentioned and easy to use. You can adjust the speed of the video and just the playback speed from 0.25 Up to 3 Times.

 If you consume your content in a dark room, the Screen’s brightness will spoil the experience. But this app allows you to adjust the brightness according to your mood. You can also play the picture-in-picture option from the app and do the multiple-tasking world by watching your favourite content.

 What You Get When You Download Pikashow APK

When you download Pikasow APK APK you will get the following exciting features

  • Free content without any subscription fees.
  •  Free live stream of cricket matches
  •  Free stream of different TV channels
  •  Download your favorite content.
  •  The highest quality content is available.

What’s New In The Latest Pikashow APK Version

There are many more features that are added in the Pikashow APK v84 Which will enhance the experience of the user.

  1. More OTT platforms have been added.
  2. The updated system is faster than before.
  3.  Now compatible with the Latest Android version.

How To Download And Pikashow APK

Step-by-step guides for downloading and installation.

  • Step 1: Follow how to download Pikashow APK from the Images below.
  • Step 2: Follow how to Install Pikashow APK.
  • Step 3: If installing Pikashow APK from the file manager please follow the guide.

System Requirement Apps Requirement

I tested this app on multiple devices and identify that this Mod APK needs these minimum system requirements

  •  Android requirement:  Android 4 and above
  •  Minimum Ram:  Pikashow APK requires a minimum of 2 GB ram
Textual representation on Pikashow APK System Requirement which is android 4.1 and above and 2 GB RAM.
Pikashow APK System Requirement

Pros and Cons


  • Great user interface.
  •  No subscription fees are required.
  • High-quality content.
  •  Latest Shows available
  •  Free download content.
  • Live cricket streaming.


  • Need to improve your server.
  • Increase their library.


Yes, because it is entirely safe to use as it does not store your data or share your information with anyone. You can use this third-party app without any issues.

Pikashow APK are free, and there are no subscription fees to use the service on the app. Download and install this app, and you will get everything for free.

No, Pikashow is only available for Android devices. There is no iOS version of Pikashow available to download.

 Yes, you can use the Pikashow APK on your PC by using an emulator like Bluestack, and you will get the Pikashow APK on your PC.


Pikashow APK is a free entertainment app that allows users to consume their favorite content on their mobile devices. You can connect this with multiple compatible Android devices and watch your content on the figure screen. We will not find any app with an excellent user interface and managed entertainment library.

 You can also download multiple contents and watch them in offline mode. This app’s quality is unique, making it apart from its competition. They continuously expand their library so you can get the best shows and live sports events like cricket on your mobile devices. We tested this device and discovered it’s completely safe and does not store your data, so download this app and enjoy your favorite contact.