Strategy Game

These games are designed to test the decision-making skills of the player. It plans to test the player’s patience and how he performs and makes decisions under pressure. Distribution and designing the area are also essential, and how you will get there and spend the resources is tested in these games.
Strategy games are widely popular and present in many forms. Some games test your skill in the medieval and ancient eras, and some take you into the future and test your leadership skill there. Most strategy games place a player as a leader of the game who has full control in decision-making.
That kind of power results in the civilization’s growth and destruction. Strategy Games have unique characteristics and allow you to test different Strategies and planning under the same conditions for different outcomes.
More and more stretch games are now available for the players, But every new game is coming up with new strategies which can differentiate itself from the other competition. Mobile game strategies differ from the others because you can’t have to play the game continuously. In the mobile game, you can try the same essence of the strategy game for longer. Because of that reason, mobile strategy games have more engaging than others.