Download Alight Motion MOD APK 3.4.3, New exciting And Attracting Feature

Alight motion Mod APK version 3.4.3, most commonly known as the 3.5 version of Alight Motion MOD APK is packed with excitement and attractive features. The Previous version launched in early 2020. The latest version came after 3.5, and Alight motion version 3.7.1. This is the humongous update after the launch of the 3rd version.

When the third version is launched, there is a huge expectation that this will deliver the promise For the US experience with the user. Now the 3.5 version Provides great advancement and improves the app’s performance. 

The 3 new effects that have been added in this version are the linear streak effect, which helps to the linear effect in your videos. The second one is the spin streak effect which is mostly similar to the linear effect, but you can add the spin instead of linear. The third one is the zoom streak. You can add zoom-in and zoom-out by using Streak.

 The improvements added in Alight motion 3.4.3 are divided into 2 major categories: Adding effects and the second is working on the improvement. One more thing which I noticed is the key frame indicator is also being improved.

All bugs and issues have been fixed, including one related to the font That is not usable in the Android version of Quince tart. The audio quality has also been improved, and other bugs and issues related to the previous version have been fixed.

Alight Motion mod APK v3.4.3 text said the latest Alight Motion mod APK v3.4.3 unlock everything
Alight Motion mod APK 3.4.3
APP TitleAlight Motion Mod Apk
CategoryVideo editing
MOD FeaturesNo watermark on 3.4.3
No display of Ads 3.4.3
3.4.3 available for free
DeveloperAlight Creative
Size70 MB

Improved Features of  Alight motion Mod APK 3.4.3 Pro

Addition Into The New Version

The addition from the previous version is

Streak effect 

 when you want to add any circular, linear, or zoom motion related to the object. This streak effect is very useful And helps you add a more dynamic look to yours. It works the same as light streak effects in which the new light is added in the background or with the character to create an illusion.

 The new addition is in effect mainly in Streak Department: three New exciting effects have been added, which are

 linear Streak: Add the linear streak motion into the videos. It revolves around the x-axis and y-axis of the object, and You can add motion to this path.

 Spin Streak:  Add a Spin streak for a full 360 degrees into the video .

 zoom streak: Zoom streak into the videos.

Improvement From The Previous Version

This creative app  has come up with a lot of improvements  and advancements from its previous version some of which are 

 In Effects: they have a vision of an improvement in the bend effects as it is not performing and lacks some features. Now it’s perfectly fine in my testing.

 In Keyframe Indicator: New and finer Vector improvement indicator has been added to the keyframe.

Alight Motion mod APK 3.4.3 MOD Features No watermark on 3.4.3, No display of Ads 3.4.3, and 3.4.3 available for free
Alight Motion mod APK 3.4.3 Features

Fixation built in the 3.4.3 version

I like that a new practical fixation has been made in terms of better performance. Some of them are:

The custom font fixation: Previously, when you Integrated the custom font into the Old version, it did not apply to the video because it is not compatible with the latest version of Android. When the android 10 version was released, people were getting noticed these issues, but now it’s been fixed and easy to use Even In the latest and upcoming Android version.

Warning system improves: The new warning system has been implemented, so you’re getting all the fonts into the final product of your creativity.

Bux and performance: It’s significantly proven in this version.

 What You Get When You Download Mod APK

  • Now Alight motion MOD APK 3.4.3 download watermark has been removed.
  • No add is displayed in v3.4.3 Mod APK.
  • Pro version of Alight motion MOD APK 3.4.3 for free without paying any subscription fee.
Alight Motion mod APK 3.4.3 MOD Features No watermark on 3.4.3, No display of Ads 3.4.3, and 3.4.3 available for free
Alight Motion mod APK 3.4.3 MOD Features

How To Download and Install Alight Motion Mod APK 3.4.3

Step-by-step guides for downloading and installation.

  • Step 1: Follow how to download Alight motion 3.4.3 Mod APK from the Images below.
  • Step 2: Follow how to Install AM 3.4.3 Mod APK from the Images below.
  • Step 3: If installing MOD APK from the file manager please follow the guide.
Visual representation on the mobile phone screen on How to Download and install OBS FILE Alight Motion mod APK 3.4.3.
How to Download and install OBS FILE Alight Motion mod APK 3.4.3.
Alight Motion mod APK 3.4.3 is tested and safe to use.
Latest Alight Motion mod APK 3.4.3 is tested.

System Requirement Apps Requirement

  •  Android requirement:  Android 6 and above.
  •  Minimum Ram:  Alight motion Mod APK requires a minimum of 3GB ram.
Textual representation on Alight Motion mod APK 3.4.3 System Requirement which is android 6.1 and above and 3 GB RAM.
Alight Motion mod APK 3.4.3 System Requirement

Pros and Cons


  • New exciting effect has been added.
  • The bend effect has been improved.
  •  Bugs and performance improvement.
  • The audio quality of output has been improved.


  • Some improvement in the keyframe.


 As the developer updates to the latest version, Google replaced the Alight motion 3..4.3 from its Play Store.

Alight Motion 3.4.3 is now only available  in the Mod version. You can also download the previous version from this site.


After giving the 3 New exciting effects with the much-needed improvement required for the betterment of this app version, it is finally added in Alight motion MOD APK 3.4.3. The key frame improvement and the font requirement for the previous version are now available. Previous bugs and performance issues have been addressed. The third version is the most stable and improved version available right now. 

When it comes to showcase the artistic side, I found out that this video editing app gives you the  creative freedom, and allows you to create a more simple and ingenious Experiencer for the new user. just download this app and dive into the ultimate world of video editing and showcase your innovative wonder with the world.